Mar a chaidh an Tuairisgeul Mòr a chur gu bàs.
Date 1953
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How the Tuairisgeul Mòr met his death.

The King of Ireland had built a castle while his son was away at school. The son came home, played cards, won at first then lost and had to find out how the Tuairisgeul Mòr met his death. He had to go to Rìoghachd na h-Inid to get the answer from the old king there. He got help from a stick, a shoe, and a filly with a white spot on its right shoulder. He killed the rider of a black horse and found out how the Tuairisgeul Mòr died. He then had to kill the filly and the black horse to free the prince and princess of the King of Holland from spells. There is a wedding at the end of the story.

Item Notes

A Hero Tale. Compare 'Sgialachd an Tuaraisgeil Mhòir' in K. C. Craig's 'Sgialachdan Dhunnchaidh', p. 59.