The Haughs o Cromdale
Date 1956
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The singer meets a man near Auchindoun and asks for news [of the battle at the Haughs o Cromdale]. The man replies, "The Hielan army rues / That e'er it focht at Cromdale." Montrose [James Graham, Marquess of Montrose] rides into battle, turning the tide in his favour. Various Jacobite clans are listed among the victors.

Item Notes

4 verses of 4 lines. Recited fragments.

This song refers to the Battle of Cromdale (1690), in reality a significant Jacobite defeat, but described in this traditional song as a resounding victory.

This song was first printed in James Hogg's 'Jacobite Relics', appearing as a rewrite of an earlier traditional song, supposedly composed as propaganda by the losing Jacobites sometime after 1690. Bizarrely, the song refers to James Graham, Marquess of Montrose, who died some forty years before the events mentioned in the song. There is some speculation that the song mixes the events of the Battle of Cromdale, with those of the Battle of Auldearn (1645), in which Montrose did take part.

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Item Subject/Person

Graham, James (1st Marquess of Montrose)

Recording Location

County - Banffshire

Parish - Inveravon

Village/Place - Glenlivet

Item Location

County - Moray

Parish - Cromdale, Inverallan and Advie

Village/Place - Cromdale








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