Naidheachdan mun Phrionnsa Teàrlach agus Flòraidh NicDhòmhna...

Date 10 December 1959
Track ID 38545
Part 1

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Various tales of the exploits of Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald when he was in hiding in the islands.

Bonnie Prince Charlie landed on Eriskay in a small boat. There was no-one living there at the time. He spent his time building a wall which can still be seen there. He planted flowers there which still grow, but whenever people take them from the island to plant elsewhere, the plant never grows.

The prince moved from Eriskay to Uist where he hid in a cave and ate whatever he could find. A woman who lived in Airigh Mhuilinn - Flora MacDonald - heard about a man who was living on the hill. She took pity on him and went and found him in the cave, by the smoke from the fire.

She brought him some of her own clothes the next day so he could disguise himself. They took his boat and sailed to Skye. The prince remained in woman's clothes. A man said that the prince was not a woman, but that there had never been a woman as beautiful as he was. They held a ball which the two women attended, and after the dancing they threw apples to the women. Those who were women spread their skirts to catch the apples, but the prince kept his legs tightly together so they knew he was a man.

Flora MacDonald died on Skye and was buried where they came ashore. The contributor once went by her grave and it was pointed out to him by a local man. The cross on the gravestone had broken off in bad weather and they had not been able to re-attach it.

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Am Prionnsa Teàrlach [Bonnie Prince Charlie]; Flòraidh NicDhòmhnaill [Flora MacDonald]

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County - Inverness-shire

Parish - South Uist

Island - South Uist

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County - Inverness-shire

Parish - South Uist

Island - Eriskay





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