Mac 'ic Ailein air a mharbhadh ann am blàr.

Date January 1960
Track ID 45482
Part 1

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MacDonald of Clanranald killed in battle.

There was a war between Scotland and England. Big Donald did not want to go to war and fled. A man came to him who said that he would return home safely from the war but that MacDonald of Clanranald would not.

On their way to battle, they called on a woman for a protection charm. Although he agreed to the charm, Clanranald did not believe in it. The woman ordered him not to speak to anyone on the way until they first spoke to him. He did not respect her command. She also told him that it would be a bad omen for him if the door of a certain church was open when they passed. It was open.

As prophesied, Clanranald did not return from the battle. He was killed by a sixpenny coin fired from a rifle.

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Mac 'ic Ailein

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County - Inverness-shire

Parish - South Uist

Island - South Uist





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Reel to reel

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