Oor Goodman

Date 22 July 1961
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In this comic song, a man arrives home on several different nights, each time finding another man's horse, boots, etc. where his own should be. When he asks to whom they belong, his wife scolds him, saying he has blindly mistaken a cow for a horse, milk stoups [buckets] for boots, and so on. When he discovers another man in his bed, his wife tells him it is her grandmother come to visit them; the singer has never seen a grandmother with a black beard.

Henrietta Groundwater mentions that the song has a Jacobite origin.

Item Notes

3 verses of 10 lines; fifth and eighth lines spoken.

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Recording Location

County - Orkney

Parish - Kirkwall and St Ola

Island - Orkney Mainland

Village/Place - Kirkwall


English, Scots




R114 GD1460 C274

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Reel to reel

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