Marbhrann do Mhac 'ic Ailein

Date 07 November 1974
Track ID 48697
Part 1

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William Matheson explains that the eulogies and elegies were composed by professional bards. The MacDonalds of Clanranald had two sets of bards working to two separate traditions. One composed eulogies and elegies in syllabic metre, the other in an older stressed metre.

This song is about Allan MacDonald, who was killed at the Battle of Sheriffmuir in 1715. He was given a charm before the battle to make him invulnerable, but he was shot by a silver bullet. There were said to be weals on his skin where normal bullets had struck. The story is still believed by some people in South Uist.

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7 verses. Composed by Iain Dubh Mac Iain 'ic Ailein (John MacDonald), born c. 1665.

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Dòmhnallach, Ailean

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County - Midlothian

Parish - Edinburgh

Village/Place - Edinburgh

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County - Stirlingshire


English, Gaelic



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Reel to reel

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