Cailleach nan Cnò agus Tàillear nan Clàr
Date 31 March 1975
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Cailleach nan Cnò and Tàillear nan Clàr

Nobody wanted to go near the church because they believed it was haunted. A tailor, Tàillear nan Clàr, who was disabled, said that he would go past it to get water in the well, if only he had the use of his legs. A boy offered to carry him on his shoulders.

A woman who was called Cailleach nan Cnò [the old woman of the nuts] had died. Her nuts had been buried with her. The night the tailor was going to the well, two men went out to steal. One was going to steal a sheep and the other was going to steal the nuts that were buried with the woman. They agreed to meet afterwards and share their spoils.

When he got the nuts, the man started to eat them. The boy came carrying the tailor on his back. The man eating the nuts thought it was the other man coming with the sheep. "Is he fat?" he asked. The boy thought it was Cailleach nan Cnò eating her nuts. He said, "Fat or thin, here he is!" and he threw the tailor into the cemetery. The tailor ran back to the house just as fast as the boy. When the sheep stealer returned, the other man had fled.

The contributor heard this story in the cèilidh houses. (People passed the tobacco pipe to each other in the cèilidh houses when they were telling stories.)

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Cailleach nan Cnò; Tàillear nan Clàr