Naidheachd mu bhean-ghlùine a chaidh a thoirt a-steach do ch...
Date 1968
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A story about a midwife who was taken into a hillock.

A coach and two horses came to a midwife's door one night and a man asked her to come and tend to his wife. She went and the coach and horses went into a hillock which closed behind them. The child was born and all was well. When the midwife was washing the baby, water splashed in her eyes and everything going on inside the hillock became visible to her. An old man came and threw the child on the fire[?], saying, "You don't do that." When everything was in order, the coach took her home.

One day she saw two women she recognised from the hillock and she spoke to them. Realising water must have splashed in her eyes when she was washing the baby, one of them spat at her and the midwife was blinded.