Mar a dh'èirich do mhac MhicNèill nuair a chaidh a ruagadh g...

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What happened to MacNeil's son when he was banished to a sea stack.

MacNeil of Barra had a son who shamed his father and so he was banished to a sea stack. He built a castle there and a device to raise his boat out of the sea. He took one of the Boisdale Chief's dairymaids to the stack. Her brothers tried to take her home but she refused. They had three sons. The father used to plunder boats and one day he and his two eldest sons were caught at sea by a cutter. They were killed. When the youngest son grew up, he followed their trade, and was also caught by a cutter. He was tied on board the cutter but managed to escape by swimming ashore. He found out who had killed his father and took vengeance by killing this captain. He then escaped to America.

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Breabadair nan Stac