Bana-bhuidseach a dhèanadh ortha do shaighdearan.

Date 04 October 1968
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Part 1

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A witch who made charms to protect soldiers.

There was an old woman who lived in Coll who would make charms to protect soldiers and sailors. This was at the time of the Napoleonic Wars, and a soldier came to her and mocked her. She asked him if he believed in the charm, and he said he did, but she did not believe him. She took a lump of fresh butter and told him to try and cut it with his sword. He tried, but the sword would not go through the butter. When he saw this, he begged her to make him a charm, but she refused because he had mocked her. Two lads from the township were given a charm. They took out the charms when they were in battle and were protected.

People no longer know these charms. In the days gone by they had believed in all sorts of supernatural creatures but this belief is no longer there. There was a man who made charms in Tiree that could cure jaundice and other ailments. He made a charm for a man who fought in the First World War. Even though men were falling all around him, he was never badly wounded. The contributor could make such charms but no one else on the island knows how to.

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County - Argyllshire

Parish - Tiree

Island - Tiree

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County - Argyllshire

Parish - Coll

Island - Coll





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