The ghost of an old woman tries to strangle a man in bed.
Date March 1955
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The ghost of an old woman tries to strangle a man in bed.

Bella Higgins' brother bought an old house. He and his wife were in bed, with the room lit by firelight. Bella's brother heard the door opening, and an old woman came in. Bella describes how she was dressed. She tried to reach Bella's brother and made to strangle him. He exclaimed "Oh, God!" and the old lady dissolved away through the ceiling. He ran to check up on his children, stepping in a basin of cold laundry water, which brought back his power of speech. The whole family slept in the car that night.

Bella's sister-in-law got a description, from an old man in the village, of an old woman who used to live in the house, matching what she had seen.

Item Notes

Bella Higgins' brother, Andrew Stewart, and his wife Lizzie, give their own account of the hauntings on tape SA1955.152.

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Stewart, Andrew [Stewart, Andra]

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County - Perthshire

Parish - Blairgowrie

Village/Place - Blairgowrie

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County - Fife

Parish - Cameron

Village/Place - Peat Inn