A description of the contributor's parents.
Date 04 October 1968
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A description of the contributor's parents.

The contributor describes his father as having been a very kind man who was good looking, with fair hair and blue eyes. He was a very refined man. His mother was a strong woman who could wring your neck as easily as a hen's. His father would be the one to hand out punishments. The contributor had not often been in trouble, but could remember his father strapping him. He was more scared of his mother.

His father was 69 when he died of a stroke. His brother died aged 87. The contributor had moved up to his mother's cousin's croft in 1918 after he came home from the war. He had continued his shoemaking there and had only stopped the trade recently. When his brother died, he no longer had time for shoemaking as he had to take over looking after the cows.