Boban Saor agus mar a fhuair e brath gun rachadh a chrochadh...
Date September 1966
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Boban Saor and how he uncovered a plan to have him hanged.

Boban Saor was a very crafty man. He went to a house in Ireland where there were two boys. A stream which ran at the end of the house kept him awake at night. He asked the first boy what should be done. He said that a wall should be built between the house and the stream. He asked the second boy, who said that the house should be moved.

Boban Saor asked his son to go and sell twenty sheep at a shilling each. He could not get a buyer. On the way back, he met two girls and a boy at a stream. He was invited to their house and one of the girls gave him money for the sheep, sheared them, and then returned them. When he returned home his father asked him who had sheared the sheep. He explained about the girl he had met. His father told him to ask for her hand in marriage. She agreed.

Boban Saor and his son went to Lochlann to build a castle. His father told the son to start courting a certain girl. The girl said that they would be hanged when the castle was finished. Boban Saor made up a plan. He sent the laird's son to Ireland to ask for a certain item which was required for the castle to be finished. The laird's son was imprisoned in Ireland and he would not be released until Boban Saor's son was first allowed his release.

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Boban Saor