Tom Moncrieff's family history; the history of a hand-mill;...
Date 12 September 1970
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Tom Moncrieff's family history; the history of a hand-mill; drying corn in a kiln.

Tom Moncrieff's grandfather was born and raised at Framgord in Esha Ness, and moved from there to North Roe when the croft was taken over for sheep farming. He carried his hand-mill, stone by stone, for ten or fifteen miles, probably on foot, and erected it in the corner of a little cottage until he got a croft. It was then erected in the barn. He took it with him to Northgardin when his son, Tom's father, married. Tom has used it himself. Tom now has the millstones by his front door. They probably came from the Millgrit Geo in Esha Ness.

The kiln was also in use for drying corn [oats] when Tom was a child of three or four. The fire was called the kilhoggie. Illustrating that the word is found in Scots generally, Tom quotes a poem, 'The Broken Bowl'. The grain was laid on straw on the kiln ribs. Occasionally the kiln caught fire.

Item Notes

It is not clear whether the Millgrit Geo is a place-name or a description.

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County - Shetland

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County - Shetland

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Island - Shetland Mainland