Fishing in sailboats off Yarmouth; anecdote about getting he...
Date August 1971
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Fishing in sailboats off Yarmouth; anecdote about getting herring after other boats had given up.

George Port talks about beating into Yarmouth harbour in a sailing boat. At sea when the nets were shot, the main mast was laid down on the deck, and a steam engine was used to raise it again. Sometimes the herring would rise when the water was stirred up by the tide. There was a buoy on every net. When the buoys looked heavy, the nets would be hauled in. They might take eighty cran or more into Yarmouth.

Another man comments that Yarmouth was a crowded harbour, so they hauled early on Saturday mornings after a Friday night's fishing. One time they hauled in an almost empty net about four a.m. and they could see from the lit gas cylinder lamps that the other boats were hauling as well. They decided just to stop and have breakfast, while the other boats went into harbour. When they resumed hauling they were getting more fish. The engineer used to skim fish from the water if they fell out of the nets (he was allowed to keep these for himself), and he offered to help, as the fish were lively. They realised that the fish had not been caught the previous night. They shot some of their nets again and got 86 cran.

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County - Angus

Parish - Craig

Village/Place - Ferryden