A House in the County
Date 15 February 1979
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This song describes how Maggie Stewart's family of Travellers could not get a house, and had to stay on the road. It describes life on the road, around Donside, Deeside and Blairgowrie, moving on constantly to find the next place to stop. It also questions why Travellers should have to fight in the Army when they are not given a place to stay, and begs rich people not to close down their only resting place.

Stanley Robertson learned the song from his great grand [sic] aunt Maggie Stewart. It is an autobiographical account of the persecution of Travellers, particularly after the First World War. He asks that the listeners bear in mind that the song's author could not read or write.

Item Notes

7 verses plus a repeat of the first verse at the end. Written by Maggie Stewart. Recorded at a School of Scottish Studies cèilidh.

Recording Location

County - Midlothian

Parish - Edinburgh

Village - Edinburgh