The making and performing of the children's show 'Scotch Bro...
Date 16 October 1986
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The making and performing of the children's show 'Scotch Broth'.

Stirling District Council put on a series of summer schools with events for children, including music and a workshop with a cartoonist. In 1985 Cilla Fisher and her fellow performers did a show with children called 'Offside Story', a parody of 'Westside Story' that ended with a football match instead of a gang fight. Having been invited back in 1986 they wanted to do something original that they could pass on to other people to use. Along with Artie [Trezise] and Gary [Coupland], and with the help of Gordon Dryburgh and David Rennie, Cilla built up the story of 'Scotch Broth', subtitled 'A Soup Opera for Children'. The main characters were vegetables. She wrote sixteen songs for the show very quickly.

The performances at community centres and finally at the Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling, were a great success. Stirling District Council then gave money towards the making of an LP, which gave the children who had performed the chance to see a recording studio and the recording process. On the LP Gary plays the music and Cilla and Artie do most of the singing, with the children as chorus. As she hoped, schools have taken an interest in putting on their own performances of the show.

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Fisher, Cilla

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County - Stirlingshire