Òran dhan Èideadh Ghàidhealach
Date 1985
Track ID 91701
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MOD 1985 GR00302 Reel 5


A song heralding the repeal of the Disarming Act of 1746. The poet is delighted that he can see men wearing kilts on the streets of Edinburgh and hear the bagpipes. He praises Montrose for standing up for their rights. The Highlanders can now hold their heads high and can climb the hills hunting for deer or dance light-heartedly.

Item Notes

Recorded at the Royal National Mòd.

Following the Jacobite Rebellion, the British Government passed the Disarming Act of 1746, prohibiting the carrying of arms in the Highlands. The wearing of the kilt and playing of bagpipes was also proscribed. The ban was eventually lifted in 1782 when the Duke of Montrose introduced a bill to repeal the Act.

Recording Location

County - Inverness-shire

Parish - Kilmallie

Village/Place - Lochaber