The Fisher family repertoires, shared and separate.
Date 19 September 1985
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The Fisher family repertoires, shared and separate.

Ray Fisher describes the Fisher family's appearance together at the Sidmouth Folk Festival. She recalls other similar occasions and mentions the participation of Gary [Coupland]. She discusses performing with Archie, using some shared material and some solo items. Later, when Archie performed on his own, he used a lot of recent compositions, including his own. The Fishers all have their own distinct repertoires, but Ray finds she is asked to sing Matt Armour's 'Generations of Change', from Cilla and Archie's repertoire. Different members of the family sing different interpretations of Andy Victor's 'Land of Hope and Glory' ['Tale of '81']. Ray describes giving Iain MacDonald's 'The Pride of Coll' to Archie.

Ray discusses her own preference for Scottish traditional songs, which she and Archie introduced gradually alongside the more popular American songs. As a solo artist, she is able to sing more ballads. She also values songs that continue the tradition of social comment and bring it up to date.

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Fisher, Ray; Fisher, Archie; Fisher, Cilla; Fisher family