Choosing songs; songs that offend modern sensibilities; song...
Date 20 September 1985
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Choosing songs; songs that offend modern sensibilities; songs with political content.

Ray Fisher is attracted to lyrics with unexpected twists, insights into past ways of thinking, or particularly effective lines. She talks about moulding tunes, and demonstrates a striking interval in a tune that caught her attention recently. Stephanie Perrin comments that feminists take a censorious view of songs like 'Bonny May'. Ray agrees that she cannot sing a song with commitment if she disagrees with its overall message, but she values songs that document how women were treated in the past, including 'The Testimony of Patience Kershaw'. However, some songs require a disclaimer before singing, for instance 'Erin go Bragh', which documents anti-Irish sentiment.

[Pete] Seeger, Dick Gaughan and Vin Garbutt risk alienating audiences by taking overtly political stances. Ray and Stephanie discuss Garbutt's choice of abortion as a topic. Ray does not see her role as preaching, for instance for the Women's Movement, but she does like to challenge audiences to think.

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Fisher, Ray; Gaughan, Dick; Garbutt, Vin