Plural  Futures Residency 2020

Plural Futures Residency 2020

Catherine Weir

Performance artist Catherine Weir began her digital residency with Tobar an Dualchais and ATLAS in July 2020 when she attended the first Tobar an Dualchais Creative Connections short course hosted by Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.

Catherine is a performance artist and musician in a feminist punk collective called Fallope & the Tubes. She describes her work with this group as “an exercise in mutual support and uninhibited self-expression”. This work counterbalances with her more introverted practises of drawing, writing and, of late, animating. Her drawings and animations are observational and darkly comical and almost everything is driven by strong eco feminist leanings and an obsession with personal individual narrative.

The Plural Futures research residency has been a really positive experience for Catherine and with each listen and re-listen of the Gaelic recordings she felt her Gaelic language skills incrementally improve and her vocabulary grow.

She created a set of four short animations during the residency which she describes as “the tiniest looping moments of synchronicity between woman and nature”. These unfolded whilst she was digesting and re-digesting the stories, recollections and songs of the contributors. She stated when completing the residency, “It feels less like a conclusion and more a beginning.”