First name Mrs Ella
Second name Henderson
Alternative Name Stout
County : Shetland
Parish : Dunrossness
Island : Fair Isle
Village : Upper Stoneybreck
Person ID 10647


Ella Henderson (née Stout) was born in Upper Stoneybrake Croft in Fair Isle in 1926. She was recorded in 1977 alongside her husband John, whom she met when he came to work at the North Lighthouse following the war.

She left Fair Isle in 1960 after her husband joined the RAF. They subsequently moved from base to base, living in England, Germany, and mainland Scotland among other places, before returning to Shetland in 1975, running an electrical repair shop in Lerwick. They then returned to Fair Isle, where Ella and John ran the shop. Following her husband's death, Ella ran the shop for several years by herself.

In the words of Ella's son Peter, she was 'a very clever lady - Dux of the school for Orkney and Shetland. A prolific Fair Isle knitter, writer, and friend to everyone, especially the children, wherever she lived.'

Upon retiring she moved to Taft croft, where her grandparents lived. She passed away in 1998, aged 71 years.

*Many thanks to Ella's son, Peter Henderson, who kindly shared with us an account of Ella's life.