Peter Darling thought a ghost he saw was an omen of his deat...
Date c. January 1966
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Peter Darling thought a ghost he saw was an omen of his death, and he was drowned a few days later.

Peter Darling lived in a cottage at Bankend. He was a general dealer and acted as postman for the area, going twice a week to Duns and returning with the letters. He told Jack Cockburn's father that he had seen an omen of his own death, because he had seen a ghost. A few days later on his way back from Duns, in spite of having been warned that the Whiteadder Water was in spate, he took his cart too near to the edge of the river. The horse and cart and driver all fell into the raging torrent. Peter Darling's body was found after two days' search. The horse's carcass lay on the bank for weeks. It left a very green patch in the grass the exact shape of a horse for years afterwards.

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Darling, Peter

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County - Berwickshire