Jack wins a princess with the help of an ant, a swallow and...

Date 02 June 1976
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Jack wins a princess with the help of an ant, a swallow and a salmon whose lives he has saved.

Jack was the youngest of three brothers, who set out to seek his fortune with a small bannock and collop [slice of meat] and his widowed mother's blessing, Sandy and Willie, the older brothers, chose a big bannock. Jack stopped Willie from killing ants, swallows and a salmon. The road split into three, and Sandy made sure that he took the town road, while Willie took the country road, and Jack had to take the cart-track. They agreed to meet back at their mother's house in a year and a day.

Each brother learned that the king's daughter had lost her pearls and ring and the king had promised her hand in marriage and half the kingdom to any man who could find them. Willie found work with an old man as a woodcutter. With the help of the ants and the salmon he had saved, Jack found the pearls and ring, but the king set him a task to prove himself worthy. He had to take a letter through many hazards and bring back a reply in writing. The swallow took the letter in its beak and brought back the reply. Jack was allowed then to marry the princess. A year and a day after the three brothers left home Sandy had just got out of jail. Willie had married the woodcutter's daughter and inherited the business. Jack arrived in a coach and took his mother to stay in the palace. Willie went back to his wife and business, and Sandy had to live the rest of his days in his mother's old cottage.

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County - Argyllshire

Parish - Glassary

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