Reading, church-going and Sabbath observation in early 20th...

Date 13 August 1972
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SA1972.152.B5; B6; B7; B8

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Reading, church-going and Sabbath observance in early 20th century Wigtownshire; proverb about Sabbath observance.

There was a man who came round monthly selling religious tracts and books. Helen Galloway's parents took magazines, and there were always books to read in the house. At about the age of nine, Miss Galloway had nightmares from reading about Burke and Hare in the Weekly News.

Miss Galloway's family went to St Agnes's, the Episcopalian church, as it was nearest. There was no nail-cutting, hair-cutting, or sewing on Sundays, and reading was curtailed, but otherwise there were few restrictions. Miss Galloway quotes a proverb: "Better the man had never been born / Who cuttit his nails on the Sabbath morn."

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County - Wigtownshire

Parish - Stranraer

Village/Place - Stranraer

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County - Wigtownshire

Parish - Kirkmaiden

Village/Place - Port Logan (Port Nessock)


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