Auld Maunsie's Crö

Date 1955
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Reading of part of Basil Anderson's poem, 'Auld Maunsie's Crö', about a sheep pen that becomes a landmark.

The verses of the poem quoted here describe Maunsie, and his building of a magnificent crö [In Unst a crö refers to a small stock proof enclosure used for planting cabbage]. It is used as a landmark by fishermen, sailors, crofters, farmers and housewives. The poet lists different areas that use the crö as a sundial, and tells of a lazy girl who angers her mother by playing in the ashes after the sun has gone past the crö.

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'Auld Maunsie's Crö' is the best known poem by Unst poet Basil R Anderson, who died of TB at age 26. This verse describes the activities of rural life in Shetland in the late Victorian era.

mutton brui: mutton broth
cog: small wooden vessel
steed: foundation
shoo: sew
chowed the cuit: chewed the shinbone
haaf: deep sea fishing ground
huggie-staff: a gaff
skord: gully in the sky-line of a hill
ootstagin cam da Saeter kye: staggering out came the Saeter cattle
truck: trample about
airts: directions
risk: cut
gorstie girse: grass on a boundary formed by the remains of a dyke
purlin: poking
ess: ashes
aes: to blaze
crö: small stockproof enclosure [Unst] sheep pen [Shetland]
sweerie: unwilling, lazy
the soaroo scaad dee in his brui: the Devil scald you in his broth

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County - Shetland

Parish - Unst

Island - Unst

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County - Shetland


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