A' roinn an fhearainn ann am Beàrnaraigh, agus a' buain feam...
Date July 1968
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Allocation of land in Berneray, and harvesting seaweed.

When the land was allocated in Berneray, the contributor's father recommended people to the man that was responsible. Land was given to those who would be able to maintain it.

The contributor discusses the ground officers. One of them was particularly hard on the people. He broke his own daughter's creel one day so that she could not harvest seaweed.

Seaweed grounds were divided amongst the people, and this is still done today [1968]. Red tangle was readily available on the west of the island, but it was very difficult to harvest and so was not allocated. People also harvested seaweed on the nearby islands.

Item Notes

The contributor states that, in Berneray, the areas where seaweed can be harvested are shared out amongst local people to this day [1968]. For an explanation of how this is done, see SA1960.213.

Item Location

County - Inverness-shire

Parish - Harris

Island - Berneray