Three nursery rhymes and a riddle from Orkney.

Date August 1957
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Part 1

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Three nursery rhymes and a riddle from Orkney.

Kirsty, Kirsty Kringlik,
Gae me nieve [fist] a tinglik [tingle],
What shall ye for supper hae?
Deer, shear, bread or smear?
Minch meat sma or nane ava?
Kirsty Kringlik, run awa.

Eenty peenty halligolum,
The cat geed [went] oot ta hae some fun,
It hed some fun on Todo's grund
Eenty peenty halligolum.

Baa the bairns o Baetun
For Minno's awa tae Saetun,
For tae pluck an for tae pu and for tae gather lamb's oo [wool]
An for tae buy a bull's skin
Tae baa the bairns o Baetun in.

As I cam ower the hill o heather
There I met a man o leather
Trow a rock [spindle], trow a reel,
Trow an auld wife's spinning wheel,
Trow a sheep's shank bane,
Sic a man wis never kent.

Item Notes

The rhyme 'Kirsty Kringlik' was repeated while holding a spider in the hand as a way of asking if there would be anything for supper ('Saga Book of the Viking Club' vol II).

The answer to the riddle "through a rock, etc." is usually some kind of grub.

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County - Orkney

Parish - Kirkwall and St Ola

Island - Orkney Mainland

Village/Place - Kirkwall

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County - Orkney


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