Whisky-distilling in Tiree.

Date 04 October 1968
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Part 1

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Whisky-distilling in Tiree.

Whisky had once been distilled in Barrapoll and also in Balephuil. There was a burn close to the contributor's house where there had once been an illicit still. People were never caught making their own whisky. At times, boats used to come from Ireland and smuggle whisky. When the township at Hynish was broken up into crofts, the crofts were fenced off. Three men from Ross-shire, a father and his sons, were hired to do the fencing. One of the sons was a widower. He asked one of the contributor's neighbours if he wanted to try some home-made whisky. The neighbour was very impressed with the quality.

This neighbour had his own still, and the pot was leaking. When the exciseman came, he said he would pay £5 to anyone who could show him an illicit still. The neighbour showed him his old leaky still, and the exciseman smashed it and gave him the reward. The neighbour bought a new still with the money.

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County - Argyllshire

Parish - Tiree

Island - Tiree





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