The contributor's naval career during World War One.

Date 04 October 1968
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The contributor's naval career during World War One.

The contributor had helped to build the pier in Tiree before he joined the armed forces. It had taken four years to build, between 1910 and 1914. It was hard work as there were no concrete mixers. He then joined the navy and trained in Davenport. He was on HMS Roxburgh and they went to the West Indies. The ship then formed part of the North Patrol between Halifax and Iceland. They were then involved in transporting troops from Chesapeake Bay over to the UK. When HMS Roxburgh returned to the UK, he was given leave and then went through a course at the gunnery school. He was then stationed in Italy and joined HMS Dartmouth in the Adriatic Sea. He describes an attack on a sea port which involved six cruiser ships. When he came back to the UK once again he was given leave, and a week after his leave was over he was discharged, as the war was over.

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Sinclair, Donald

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County - Argyllshire

Parish - Tiree

Island - Tiree







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