Is e Mo Ghràdh na Gamhna Geala

Date 1961
Track ID 63720
Part 1

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MOD 1961 GR0005(2) REEL 2


These lines come from a long waulking song with four sections. The first three lines sung here belong to the second section of the original song, and refer to the composer's love for the white stirks, which "will go to the cattle-fold and will not drink the milk". The lines which follow in the full text of this song are as follows:

"They will go to the shore and will not cut the seaweed.
They will go to Ireland by moonlight.
They will return by the same tide."

The third section of the full version of the song continues the maritime theme of the previous lines, and gives interesting clues about the subject of the song.

The other lines sung on this recording belong to the fourth section of the original waulking song, and they list various clan chiefs who were at table the previous night.

Item Notes

Recorded at the Royal National Mòd. This song can be heard fully on recordings of Kate MacDonald (Bean Eairdsidh Raghnaill) and other South Uist singers.

'Òrain Luaidh Màiri Nighean Alasdair' (K. C. Craig ed., 1949) p. 82

Recording Location

County - Stirlingshire

Parish - Stirling

Village/Place - Stirling







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Reel to reel

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