Mac Iain 'ic Sheumais agus Blàr Chàirinis.

Date November 1966
Track ID 65341
Part 1

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Mac Iain 'ic Sheumais and the Battle of Carinish.

Harrismen came to Newtonferry by boat. Mac Iain 'ic Sheumais' stepmother heard that they were on their way and she gave a shout. Mac Iain 'ic Sheumais and his soldiers were on the Gramsdale ford and they heard her. They hurried and the battle started between them and the Harrismen, with bows and arrows, in Carinish. The location of Fèith na Fala is explained. Dòmhnall Glas fled. One of Mac Iain 'ic Sheumais' soldiers chased him and killed him. The place where he was killed is called Lag mhic Dhòmhnaill Ghlais. The contributor knows where his grave is. The Harrismen scattered.

Shortly after that, Mac Iain 'ic Sheumais and his soldiers were driven out of the Minch. They came ashore in Harris. They got an invitation from Dòmhnall Hearach to a feast. He tried to intoxicate Mac Iain 'ic Sheumais and his men. When night came, Mac Iain 'ic Sheumais and his men went to sleep in the barn. The Harrismen tried to untie their boat from its anchor. A Harrisman warned Mac Iain 'ic Sheumais that they should leave, and they fled. The Harrismen set fire to the barn.

One of Mac Iain 'ic Sheumais' pipers composed the tune 'Dubh-shùithe air MacLeòid'.

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Dòmhnall mac Iain 'ic Sheumais

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County - Inverness-shire

Parish - North Uist

Island - North Uist

Village/Place - Carinish







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Reel to reel

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