Jake wins the challenge of making the king call him a liar.

Date September 1978
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Jake wins the challenge of making the king call him a liar.

Lazy Jake's mother sent him out to look for a job. He set off with a collop [slice of meat] and an [oat]cake his mother had made for him. Eventually he came to big gates on which there was a bill advertising that if anyone could make the king call him a liar he would get the king's daughter and half the kingdom. Jake told the king fantastic tales about incidents involving his supposed brothers, who were of an enormous size, without success.

Then he said his biggest brother kicked him up to the moon, and as he sat on the peak of the moon old Mr Time came out with his scythe and cut it off. Jake fell down, but was caught by swans spreading out their wings for him. When the swans tired and dropped him, Jake landed in a rock up to the neck. He managed to get his knife out, cut off his head and send it for his biggest brother. A fox jumped out and chased the head. Jake's body managed to get free, ran after the fox, and kicked it. He told the king, "The worst fox's shite's better than you." The king replied, "You're a liar."


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