With the help of a witch, Jack solved a princess's riddles a...

Date 07 July 1979
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SA1979.132; SA1979.133.A1

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With the help of a witch, Jack solved a princess's riddles and saved her from enchantment.

Stanley Robertson tells his mother's version of a story. Once upon a time, an old woman had three sons, James, John and Jack, the youngest. The oldest brother went off to try to solve riddles and tasks set by a princess. He met an old witch and refused to share his bannock with her. The first task was to solve a riddle and bring a flower. He got it wrong, and was thrown in prison. The same thing happened to the second brother. When Jack went, there was only enough for a small bannock and small collops [slices of meat] with his mother's blessing, but he shared what he had with the old witch. She gave him a stick that answered questions, and he solved the three riddles and completed the tasks.

The king then gave him three wishes. [Break to change tape.] He asked for his brothers to be pardoned, for livestock for his mother, and to be allowed to see the face of the princess, who was always heavily veiled. It turned out that she had a pig's head. She had been enchanted by a jealous warlock. Jack fought the warlock in the shape of a dragon, sparing his life for the old witch's sake. At Jack's suggestion, the warlock and the witch both changed shape to beautiful young people. They lived happily together and so did Jack and the princess.

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County - Aberdeenshire

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