A man was changed into a woman and had a family before being...

Date August 1975
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Part 1

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A man was changed into a woman and had a family before being changed back and winning a lying contest.

A laird was holding a gathering for his workers. He offered a golden sovereign to whoever told the biggest lie. One cattleman couldn't make up anything, so the laird sent him to clean out his boat, but he floated away in it. He discovered that he had turned into a woman. When 'she' landed, she met a young man and got a job as his mother's maid. In the course of time, they got married and had two children. One day they were out walking and saw the boat. The woman stepped into it, and it carried her off. She turned back into the cattleman and returned to find that no time had passed. Greetin [weeping] for his lost family, he told them what had happened, and won the sovereign. The Black Laird had done this to him so that he would have something to tell.

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Feeing time was when farm workers' six-monthly contracts began or were renewed. Sowans was a dish made from fermented oat husks.

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County - Angus

Parish - Montrose

Village/Place - Montrose


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