Prògram Choinnich
Date 18 June 1997
Track ID 8654
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Program Choinnich 18.06.1997


Kenna Moffat talks about her childhood days in Stilligarry.

Kenna Moffat remembers back to her childhood days in Stilligarry, South Uist. Her father was a blacksmith and she talks about the busy life at the smithy and the equipment which her father used there, such as the anvil, bellows and grindstone. There were other blacksmiths as well, who were all MacRurys. Kenna made up a dresser which is over a hundred years old that they had in the old house. She has a photo of the old thatched house, and tells how she didn't like going out to the peat stack at night. She has a great interest in the songs of Donald Allan MacDonald, especially 'Gruagach Òg an Fhuilt Bhàin'.

Item Subject/Person

Moffat, Kenna

Recording Location

County - Ross and Cromarty

Parish - Stornoway

Island - Lewis

Village/Place - Stornoway

Item Location

County - Inverness-shire

Parish - South Uist

Island - South Uist




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