Artist in Residence 2022

Artist in Residence 2022

Calum Ferguson

In June 2022 North Uist artist Calum Ferguson was selected for the Tobar an Dualchais/ATLAS Artist residency. During his residency, Calum spent time researching and listening to various recordings from the vast online resource that is Tobar an Dualchais (TAD).

Inspired by recordings taken mainly from around the Hebrides, Calum created a series of objects which explored the sayings, stories and legends that were once the tools used to predict changes in weather patterns.

The objects were all built in-situ and only existed temporarily in the landscape. The images created of the objects were the intended outcome, being the sole memory of their existence. These are snippets to remember, like the fragments of sayings from the recordings which most resonated with Calum during the process of making the work.

Some of the images are more literal representations of the recordings from TAD. Others are more esoteric and merge the feelings created by the ambiguity of the proverbs with the precision of modern-day forecasting and the implements that enable it.