Sgrìobh - Scrieve

Sgrìobh - Scrieve

Tobar an Dualchais/Kist of Riches an Eden Court are fair trickit tae offer a new opportuinity tae twa muisickers or makars, the ane wirkin in the Gaelic an the tither in Scots.

The pair wull hae the dint o twa days uphaudit resairch in the speicial Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches archive, an syne wull scrieve a new sang or poem tae be performit at the Under Canvas festival 2024.

Ilk ane wull be grantit a steepend o £900 fir the resairchin an scrievin o the sang/­ poem, wi anither steepend forby fir takin pairt in Under Canvas.

Applicants maun:

  • be 18-27 year auld
  • be fluent in Gaelic or any dialeck o Scots
  • bide in Scotland full time
  • be able tae feenish the hale projeck bi the end o July 2024

Gin ye are interestit, please send yer CV an tell us why ye wad be keen tae tak pairt in the projeck, an hoo ye wad plan tae honour an heize up oar recordins, bi Sunday 24 March 2024.

Ye can submit this information on any o the follaein formats: a scrievin o max 500 wirds, a video or soond recordin o max 5 meenits, or a presentation wi a maximum o 10 slides an 500 wirds.

Please send this information, an any email links tae exemples o yer previous wark ye wad like tae include, til Emily MacDonald at; forby, ye can e-mail Emily wi any questions ye micht hae.