Willie Mathieson: biography and interest in songs.

Date January 1952
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SA1952.06.A8 (A18)

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Willie Mathieson: biography and interest in songs.

Willie learned 'The Cuddy' from his father when he was "in his cradle". He wrote it down in 1886 when he was about seven. The first song he wrote down started: "On a summer day when the waves were rippled and softly sang the breeze," from a broadsheet that his father brought home. His father bought many broadsheets, including 'The Blaeberry Courtship': they cost 1d [one old penny] or 2d. Willie himself took it up later. At age thirteen he went to train as a joiner, at Stankside between Ellon and Arnage, but gave it up after three months because the clothes and the tools were too costly: he just received his board. Fortunately, he had not signed indentures so could leave without penalty.

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The first song Mr Mathieson quotes is probably 'The Ship that Never Returned' (Roud Folk Song Index no. 77). For 'The Blaeberry Courtship', see Roud no. 1888 and Ord (pp. 190-191). This track also refers to 'The Cuddy': see the previous track on the same tape (SA1952.006).

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Mathieson, Willie

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County - Aberdeenshire

Parish - Ellon

Village/Place - Ellon

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County - Aberdeenshire

Parish - Ellon







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