Coinneach Odhar agus nighean Rìgh Lochlainn.

Date November 1964
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Coinneach Odhar and the King of Lochlann's daughter.

The King of Lochlann was going to kill a seer who could see the future in a stone. The king's daughter stood between him and the executioners. He offered to do anything for her in return for saving his life. She asked for the stone. In it she saw a Highland regiment and fell in love with the man leading it. She dressed as boy to get on one of her father's raiding parties to Britain. The Viking boats were lost in a storm on the way to Britain, and the King of Lochlann's daughter drowned.

Many years later, a light began to be seen in Uig, Lewis. Coinneach Odhar went to the place where it shone, and saw the king's daughter. She told him what had happened to her and where to find her stone. He got the stone and could see the future in it.

A lady asked him to look in the stone to see what her husband, who was in France at the time, was doing. He reluctantly told her that he was with another woman. The lady ordered that he be put to death for witchcraft. He said that if he was wrong, the first bird to appear after his death would be a raven; if he was right, a white dove would appear. A white dove came and everyone saw he was innocent. The stone was cast into Loch Ness. It was said that next person to find it will have two navels.

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Coinneach Odhar

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County - Midlothian

Parish - Edinburgh

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