Cleachdaidhean Samhna ann an Uibhist a Deas.

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Halloween customs in South Uist.

They guised at Halloween. An egg was broken into a glass and stirred. Everyone took a mouthful, chose a house, and stood outside the window. The first name heard would be the same as their future spouse. This was done by boys and girls. They had to keep the egg in their mouth.

There was also mischief; they stole cabbages and carts. They pulled straw out of a stack with their teeth, and the number of grains attached meant the number of children the person would have.

Saucers of earth, salt, clean water and dirty water were laid out. They would be blindfolded and would put their hand in one: earth meant death; salt meant they would become/marry a sailor; clean water meant they would become/marry a rich man; and the dirty water meant an illegitimate child.

When guising, people tried to guess who they were when they came round. They were usually given something.

Item Location

County - Inverness-shire

Parish - South Uist

Island - South Uist