Date January 1952
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In this version of 'Binnorie', two sisters are courted by a miller, with the younger winning his favour. The jealous older sister invites the younger to walk and view the swans by the miller's dam, and there pushes her into the water. The younger sister pleads to be saved, even promising to "mak ye heir o'er all I command", but the elder sister leaves her to drown. The miller's servant discovers the body and alerts the miller: "It's either a drooned lady, or else a silken swan." The miller recognises the young sister by her hair, and digs her a grave.

Item Notes

Text and music transcribed in School of Scottish Studies. 13 verses of 4 lines (couplets with an interlinear refrain). Last lines vary according to narrative. Tune very similar to 'The Bonny Lass o Fyvie' (Roud 545). The contributor learned the song via his second wife, from her grandfather Sandy Ross.

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County - Aberdeenshire

Parish - Ellon

Village/Place - Ellon








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