A story of how Jack was rewarded for his generosity by gaini...

Date 1961
Track ID 37339
Part 1

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A story of how Jack was rewarded for his generosity by gaining health, happiness, a princess, and his father's kingdom.

A king sent his three sons to find the Cloak of Darkness and the Shoes of Swiftness and Enchantment. The one who brought them back would inherit the kingdom. Jack's brothers refused to give crumbs form their lunch to a bird, but Jack offered to share his food with a wee man who appeared beside him. The brothers had various tasks to accomplish, including finding a needle in a haystack and a ring in a river.

Jack succeeded where his brothers failed, and eventually found out from a king in another land that the things he sought did not exist as such. They stood for Wealth, Health, and Happiness. Jack was allowed two wishes, and chose Health and Happiness. He married the king's daughter and went back and claimed his inheritance from his father. Jack and the princess and their son lived happily ever after and kept up the old traditions.

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The storyteller stops abruptly and has to be persuaded to continue.

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County - Aberdeenshire

Parish - Huntly

Village/Place - Huntly


English, Scots





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Reel to reel

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