Rudan neònach a thachair dha bodach à Mòrar, agus ro-innse a...

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SA1972.074.A2; SA1972.074.A3

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Strange things that happened to an old man from Morar, and predictions of trains.

The contributor's great-uncle often went for walks at night. One night he heard strange noises and thought he heard a woman. He asked her what she was doing. She replied that if he knew what she was doing he would know the time of his death. Another night he saw a large fire and heard noises and had to return home.

The contributor also tells of people who heard trains, long before they ever came to the district. They thought they were hearing the devil. A man from Lochailort saw a train going through a house and when the railway was eventually built, it passed over the remains of the same house.

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County - Inverness-shire





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