Naidheachd Iain agus Dhòmhnaill.

Date 31 October 1935
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Part 1

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Two friends, John and Donald, were jobless. They set off to seek employment and, on the way, stopped at a hotel for a bite to eat. They sat and ordered soup. The soup was so hot that Donald burnt his mouth, but he did not say anything to John. However, John noticed that Donald was mopping the tears from his eyes, and was told by Donald that every time he thought of his grandfather, he would cry. John tried the soup, and he likewise burnt his mouth, saying nothing to his friend. Donald, however, noticed John's distress and asked what the matter was. John snapped, "Well it's not your grandfather I'm thinking of!"

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In the last month of autumn 1935, John Lorne Campbell, John MacInnes, and John Campbell (Seonaidh), went to Glasgow to make a recording of Uist Gaelic for the BBC, who wished to record for posterity all the languages and dialects found in Scotland. This was the first Gaelic record of its kind ever made in Scotland, and it was a great honour for Seonaidh that it was he who recorded it. John Lorne Campbell made all the preparations with the BBC with regards to this record. Valuable and kind assistance came from the Rev. Calum MacLeod, who was present during the recording, and who made Seonaidh feel comfortable throughout.

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County - Lanarkshire

Parish - Glasgow

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