Mar a fhuair Clann MhicCruimein comas pìobaireachd o na sìth...

Date July 1974
Track ID 42459
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How the MacCrimmons got the gift of piping from the fairies.

The MacCrimmons got the gift of piping from the fairies. A man was coming home from the mill at night. He heard music and saw light. He went inside the fairy hill, leaving a knife stuck in the door. There was piping and dancing and he joined in. They asked him to remove his knife so they could shut door, but he wouldn't do so until he got outside. He asked for the ability to play the pipe music he had heard there. An old man put a few strands of tobacco in his mouth and he became a fine piper. None of his family had ever played before this.

The fairy hill could not be shut if a human put something against the door to keep it open (not necessarily iron/steel).

Item Location

County - Inverness-shire

Island - Skye