Love and Freedom

Date 1964
Track ID 58027
Part 1

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A courtship song in which the singer meets a young piper at Strathmartine Mains, who invites her to go with him. He has no money, but can offer her a life of love and freedom, with the rich bounty of the land to provide for them. She accepts and goes with him.

Song preceded by an explanation [beginning lost] of how the song was composed.

Item Notes

5 verses of 4 lines with a vocable refrain of 2 lines. Composed by Mary Brooksbank. The reference to the "tinkie's diddle" at the start of the track is the tail-end of a description of how Mary Brooksbank wrote the song - she had heard a tinker (sic) diddle the tune, and was inspired to write her song as a tribute to their free lifestyle ('Songs and Ballads of Dundee', N. Gatherer, 1986, 2000, p. 163).

See also:
'Come Gie's a Sang' (S. Douglas, 1995) p. 114
'Songs and Ballads of Dundee' (N. Gatherer, 1986, 2000) p. 130
'Sidlaw Breezes' (M. Brooksbank, 1966, 1982, 1991) pp. 47-48

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County - Fife

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County - Angus

Parish - Mains and Strathmartine






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Reel to reel

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