An sgàthan ann an Taigh Coire Bhreagain.
Date 1975
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The mirror in Taigh Coire Bhreagain.

A Glasgow man who was ill went to the Highlands with his family to stay in Taigh Coire Bhreagain, south of Oban, for the good of his health. An old woman told them about a particular mirror in one room in the house, and said that anyone who looked in it when the full moon was shining on the sea outside would turn into a cat. The father did just that, and turned into a big black cat, but still had his reason. The old woman then told the family to submerge the cat in the well seven times by the light of the full moon, and that when they let him go the seventh time, he would be restored.

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This recording may be incomplete.

Recording Location

County - Inverness-shire

Parish - South Uist

Island - South Uist

Item Location

County - Argyllshire

Village/Place - Coire Bhreagain