Seonaidh Roidein a' bruidhinn air pìobaireachd.

Date August 1982
Track ID 72487
Part 1

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Seonaidh Roidein [Pipe Major John MacDonald] discusses piping.

Seonaidh Roidein [Pipe Major John MacDonald] tells about a chanter he received from Peter Henderson, a pipe–maker in Glasgow, when the Glasgow Police Pipe Band won the World Championship for the second time in 1936. He still plays it. He talks about old tunes and how army pipers used to alter them. He composed tunes himself. He listened to classical music and this influenced him. On one occasion, after attending a classical concert, he composed a tune. On showing it to Pipe Major Gray of the Glasgow Police Pipe Band he named it 'The Glasgow Police March Past'. He plays it on the chanter.

He talks about some of the best pipers in Uist when he was young. Some of them received ceòl mòr tuition from two doctors, MacGillivrays, who were in Barra at the time. He talks about piping tradition in his own family, especially on his father's side.

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County - Inverness-shire

Parish - South Uist

Island - South Uist





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